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Pure Living Pilates Korena James Instructor



Hello there, my name is Korena James and I am the owner and principal Pilates Instructor at Pure Living Pilates in Burleigh on the Gold Coast.  I thought I would tell you a little bit about me, how I came to be a Pilates instructor with my very own studio and why I am so passionate about Pilates and the Journey that it can take each and every one of you on.  There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to exercising and we each have different needs and goals so I think it's important to know who you are coming to see and that you feel confident in who you see.

Our studio space is a small, warm, welcoming environment where people of all ages, sizes and physical capabilities can feel safe to come and exercise.  It is important to me that everyone who comes to the Studio feels special, nurtured and that their individual health and fitness needs are met.  There is a wonderful sense of community here and all of my beautiful clients feel very much at home when they visit so it's the perfect place for them to take some time out for themselves, give back to themselves and in some cases to heal themselves.


In my previous career, I was an Interior Designer and worked very long hours. I used to run every morning along the beautiful Gold Coast beaches, living a very active lifestyle to keep the work-life balance.  It has always been very important to me to look after myself, and exercise for both my physical health and mental health to help keep stress levels down and the feel-good endorphins running.

However, I ended up with severe pain and injury to my hip flexors that rendered me completely inactive!!! It was absolutely debilitating and I really had no idea how I hurt myself or why I was feeling this pain. I went to see many various Practitioners and Specialists over the course of 6 months and had no progress, and still no idea what was causing my pain.

I eventually tried Pilates through a friend’s recommendation, and what astounded me was how little I actually knew about my body. What I didn't realise is that I am a super hypermobile (flexible) body type and I came to realise that my body could only take so much high impact activity before I showed up with injury.  Pilates helped me to understand areas of my body that were so so tight and other areas that were lazy and rendered inert from working a desk job.  Pilates guided my body through these changes and helped me to correct these imbalances in my body and I was back out running again in no time.   It was the perfect rehab option for me to get me moving again and was also the perfect complement to my running.  It helped me perform better when I was exercising and of course in everyday life, even just sitting better at my desk at work.


My own personal journey with Pilates affected me so much that I decided to quit my career as an Interior Designer (of 12 years) to discover Pilates further.  I have always loved helping people and I knew I wanted to know more, to be able to share this amazing experience with everyone!!  So, in 2013, I pursued my Diploma in Pilates with Polestar, which is an international authority in Pilates education and is best known for their holistic and science-based approach to functional movement.  It was perfect for me and the vision I had for my future of helping others and so began my journey to be here talking to you!!

After working for other Studios throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast I had a little baby girl, who obviously kept me occupied for a while. When she was 7 months old I started my own business from home!  In October 2016, I moved the studio to where we are now in Burleigh Waters.  Everyone who comes here feels comfortable and they each have their own specific reasons for coming to Pilates.  My soul purpose in opening the Studio is to ensure that everyone's individual needs are met.  We all have our own fitness goals and /or injuries to overcome so each of the sessions is designed to suit what your body needs.  There is a maximum of 4 people per small group class so we can guarantee that you get all the attention you need to get you healing through movement!  I absolutely love our Pure Living Pilates community and I know anyone who comes through our doors will feel the same way.


  • I am so passionate about Pilates and how intelligent movement can honestly help everyone!
  • I believe in whole body wellness, healing through movement and the mind-body connection.
  • I love helping people on their journey to overcome their injuries and just generally helping them to discover their body and its capabilities!

Whether your goals are to tone up, increase strength, gain better postural awareness, increase flexibility or enhance your sport performance, then Pilates is for you! Start by checking out our Classes & Prices for more information.

Pilates is for everyone. I believe we all need it in our lives and I love seeing everyone progress as their mobility, flexibility and strength increase in ways they didn't think they could!! It's the most rewarding career ever!!

Eliza Archer - Intstructor


Eliza is one of our amazing Pilates Instructors at the Pure Living Pilates Studio.  Eliza first fell in love with Pilates in early 2014, after seeing major improvements in a family member who was recovering from injury.

With a love of movement and a focus on prevention, strengthening, and rehabilitation Eliza first completed a degree in Exercise Science and as injury prevention and management became her main focus, she perused and completed a diploma in clinical/ rehabilitation Pilates with Polestar Pilates.

Eliza is a young, vibrant and knowledgeable Pilates Instructor whose passion for Pilates shines through in all her classes which are fun, challenging and specifically designed for each client’s needs.  She strives to not only teach the practice of Pilates, but also educate clients about the importance of staying strong and mobile through all stages of life and health.  It is important that we all understand that health and wellbeing is essential to enjoying a happy and fulfilling life.

Eliza enjoys an active lifestyle on the Gold Coast and loves being outdoors in the sun - which is a big change from growing up in Tasmania!

Eliza also likes to attend a range of Pilates classes both at home and when travelling, in order to keep on top of new techniques and experience a variety of instructors.