Here is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions when considering starting Pilates classes with Pure Living Pilates Gold Coast. We hope that all the information you need is here and is easy for you to find. However, if any of your questions have not been answered here or if you wish to have a chat with us please Contact us as we are happy to help in any way we can!

For more information on how Pure Living Pilates can help you, you can also visit our Prices page and also check out our Class Times page

How do I login to my account?

Please watch this video if you need to know how to log in because you have never logged in on line before. Also please watch this if you wish to know how to book in and reschedule your classes. 

How do I purchase a new package

For those of you that have been coming a litte while now and want to know how to purchase a new package and to check on how many classes you have left in your current package please watch this video. Please also note you can see all your attended classes /usage of the package.

Where are you located?

We are located in West Burleigh near the Treetops Shopping Centre, Qld Australia.  Please follow this link to our Contact page to see the map, address and contact details.

10/2 Executive Drive Burleigh Waters, Qld 4220

How much does it cost?

Please click here to access our  pricing page and class description.

When are you open?

Please click here to access  our scheduling page for class times.


Studio Hours
Monday        5.45 am to 7.00pm
Tuesday        5.45am to 8.00pm
Wednesday  5:45am to 7.00pm
Thursday      5.45am to 8.45am  / 4.30pm to 7.30pm 
Friday           5.45am to 3.00pm
Saturday      6.30am to 9.30am

How do I book my class?
Please click on Class Times in our menu to view all available classes.
If its your first class with us you will be looking for a PRIVATE class time that suits you.  We really do require all new clients to our studio come along to a Private class first before jumping into our small group classes. 
On our Class Times page you can create an account if it is your first class with us.  Please watch this VIDEO to show you how to do this. 
If you have already attended a class with us before and wish to log in to your account online and book and reschedule classes please check out this VIDEO here to help you navigate this. 
Once you are logged in Under packages you can choose which package best suits you and purchase it from inside your account. 
Please see this VIDEO to help you see how to buy packages and book classes. 
If it is your first class with us, after you have booked your first private class you will receive an email with a new client form to fill out and directions etc.  
Alternatively you can call us on 0401 547 221 to schedule your classes or you can email us at info@purelivingpilates.com.au
Can I do Pilates when I am pregnant?

You should always check with your doctor before doing any kind of exercise during pregnancy. However, Pilates is wonderful for pregnant women as it is a low-impact form of exercise that strengthens the back, stomach and pelvic floor muscles. In fact, many women first discover Pilates when they are pregnant or shortly after having a baby. Pure Living Pilates creates the perfect environment for you to exercise if you are pregnant. A properly tailored Pilates programme is the ideal way to lessen or avoid the back-pain commonly experienced during late pregnancy and will also enable your body to regain its shape rapidly after birth.

Is Pilates the only form of exercise needed?

No, you should also participate in some form of aerobic exercise, such as walking, running, cycling, tennis or swimming – but preferably done in a way that does not place damaging strain on your body.

How often should I come?

People do Pilates anywhere from once a week to once every second day – but twice a week is common and what we suggest for most clients.

Can everyone do Pilates?

Yes, however because physical exercise can be strenuous and subject to risk of serious injury, Pure Living Pilates strongly urges you to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before commencing Pilates. Please advise your instructor about any significant health issues or conditions including injuries and pregnancy before you begin your class. If you see a physiotherapist for your condition, please advise any rehab advice from them and / or we can contact them on your behalf if required.

How long is the class?

All classes are 50 minutes long and sessions will end promptly, as scheduled regardless of arrival time.

What is your cancelation policy?

24 hour notice of cancellation is required to avoid being charged for appointments and classes. Late cancellations and no-shows will be charged the full amount of the scheduled session. Please cancel online.

Am I the right age?

Yes, one of the best things about Pilates is that we tailor it to suit each person, whatever their age or physical condition. Pilates is very popular with dancers, gymnasts, athletes and others in their physical prime but it is equally suitable for anyone of any age. Many of our clients are middle-aged or elderly. More than a few start doing Pilates specifically because they have reached ‘a certain age’, realised that they no longer paticipate in any exercise and suddenly thought, ‘My goodness, I have to start to do something so I can stay young and keep fit’.

It is however advisable to seek medical advice from your Physiotherapist and or health care professional before taking up Pilates. It is essential to communicate health issues or physical limitations to the instructor before the class begins. Many physical conditions can be accommodated in a Pilates class. A properly tailored Pilates programme is one of the best-known ways to ward off the infirmities of old age.

Your true age, in the end of course, is as much about how you feel as it is about the date on your birth certificate. As Joseph Pilates himself put it: ‘If, at the age of 30, you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If, at 60, you are supple and strong, then you are young.’ Pilates is gaining in popularity among Senior citizens. The ability to modify exercises in order to meet the differing needs of each client, along with the many benefits of the Pilates method such as increased flexibility, strength, muscle tone, stamina and well being make Pilates an inviting Senior exercise program. After all, Joseph Pilates (founder) practiced his method well into his 80’s.

Pilates and stress?

Pilates enhances mental awareness and requires focus on executing the exercises correctly, focus on breathing and also counting the movement repetitions. This makes you present in the moment and creates a mindfulness that has been found to reduce stress hormone levels in the body, so your Pilates class is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long stressful day and revitalise your soul.

I get a sore back and neck working at a desk all day, can pilates help me?

Firstly, we all know that sitting in a static position is not good for us. It generally leads to poor posture, rounded shoulders, head protruding forward to see the computer screen and a weakened lazy core. After sitting with poor posture for 8-10 hours a day your joints begin to stiffen, your hip flexors weaken and shorten, you get neck pain, back pain, headaches and areas of tightness. These areas of tightness are called trigger points which can cause a lot of discomfort and often referred pain to other connected areas of the body.

Your Pilates class can release the tension and tightness in these trigger points through dynamic stretching of the muscles and gradually move these muscles through their full range of motion with ease once again. Pilates will build balanced coordinated muscles through the whole body from your neck, shoulders and upper back right down to the tips of your fingers.

Which class do you recommend if it’s my first time?
Your first class with us should definitely be a PRIVATE CLASS even if you have done pilates before – We have a fabulous introductory package where you get Two private classes for $169 
Pilates is for people of all ages and levels of fitness but to ensure your classes are specific to you and your body we require you to come along to our PRIVATE CLASSES FIRST. This will ensure you have a good foundation in the basic movement principles of Pilates and allows your instructor to work closely with you, look at your posture and assess how you move in order to customise the session to meet your specific needs and fitness goals. The ability to do this sets Pilates apart from General fitness trainers.
What is Pilates and why is it good for you?

Pilates is a system of exercise that targets the smaller deep muscles of the abdomen and spine to strengthen your body from the inside out. Developed by Joseph H Pilates in 1920’s , Pilates is a form of exercise that builds your core strength focusing first on the smaller inner muscles that support your spine and joints and create functional movement in your body. Pilates may seem intimidating because of all the equipment, but it is actually an accessible and assistive form of exercise designed for everybody. Pilates classes build strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine rather than bulking and shortening the muscles like weight lifting does. Pilates will help you to achieve a balance of strength and flexibility, a balance of opposing muscle groups and better balance in the body when moving through all of life’s activities.

Pilates also enhances mental awareness and requires focus on executing the exercises correctly, focus on breathing and also focus on counting. This mindfulness has been found to reduce stress hormone levels in the body…. So your Pilates class is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day in the office.


Should I bring a towel?

Yes, please bring a small towel to use during your class.

What should I wear to class?

Anything you are comfortable in that will allow you to move freely. Ideally stretch pants and workout wear are ideal. If you are a man then running shorts of a respectable length are fine. Please do not wear shoes as they are not allowed on the machines. It is advisable however to wear grippy socks if possible as they help you to grip on to the equipment and prevent slipping. We sell a variety of sizes and fun colours at the studio or you can probably find some online as well. 

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This is the best place to start on your Pilates journey with us.  The two private classes allows us to give you the personal attention you need and get you set up with all the correct techniques before you join a small group classes which only have 4 people per class.  Don’t get lost in a large class come to our small tailored classes in our warm fun, friendly studio!